I happened upon Lauren’s site just at the right moment and her idea of “How to find your fabulousness” really resonated with me. I am a stay-at-home mum of three boys (ages 9,13,& 15) and I feel like I somehow lost that years ago amid the sports practices, running kids around constantly, housework, cooking, and school stuff. Lauren’s upbeat voice and attitude immediately put me at ease and let me know I had found the right spot to be coached for the first time. Her ability to ask me the right question is uncanny at times, and I absolutely love how she helps me get to my own answers that are inside me all along. I have grown to look forward to my weekly hour with her as we work towards helping me figure out my next right step, figure out my long and short-term goals, and breaking down life into manageable pieces so I can be the best me possible. Two thumbs up for Lauren and finding my fabulous!!

Noelle, Chicago

Being coached by Lauren has brought peace and tranquillity into my life as I begin my journey as a new mum. The space she creates for me to explore and discover is safe and flowing. I really feel comfortable to grow and move forward with my goals, and believe that Lauren, as my coach, has provided me with such a gracious opportunity that I will only continue to do so. Thank you for asking me the perfect questions at the perfect time. I feel I only go deeper into my path with each coaching session.

Christina, Seoul

I feel very fortunate to have Lauren Wills as my coach! She holds many qualities that I look for in a coach – intuitive, insightful, sensitive, encouraging, and supportive. Lauren is a great listener. Her professional demeanor makes me feel valued as a client and allows me to feel “safe” talking to her. Lauren has helped me to break through many barriers in my own mind. In just a few sessions, my stress levels have dropped and I am a much calmer and happier person. She has helped me to achieve important goals and, more importantly, recognize my dreams and know who I am as a person. I would recommend Lauren to anyone committed to positive change and personal development!

Claudia, Hawaii

I feel so lucky to have Lauren as my coach; she is kind, intuitive, and funny. I feel comfortable speaking from my gut and heart without fear of judgment, and Lauren seems to always know just what question to ask that gets me to a better understanding of my situation or myself. Lauren has coached me through a difficult time in my life and has helped me find strength, clarity and self-love. With a gentle touch and a splash of humor I feel that Lauren really ‘gets me’ and that she truly cares. She is exactly what I needed and exactly what I was searching for in a coach.

Stephanie, Atlanta
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