iStock_000016411733SmallCoaching is a thought-provoking and creative partnership between client and coach that encourages clients to live their best life. As a coach I honour my clients as the experts in their life. My coaching sessions aim to discover and clarify what my client wants to achieve by creating awareness, generating solutions, creating action plans and keeping my client accountable to those plans.



image_right_servicesI created the Finding Fabulous coaching model especially for busy mums like you. By nature, coaching is a fluid process that shifts in the moment and so my process is very flexible. I recognise that all women are unique; where you are in the process will change each session and throughout the session depending on which area of your life we are exploring.

Is coaching right for me?

The Finding Fabulous Coaching Model

Face the present

For many mums the first step will be to acknowledge where you are right now and just how hard being a mum can be. I will encourage you to really feel the emotions that are coming up and not let them fester. This is particularly important when it comes to feeling judged, guilty or ashamed. Physical appearance and motherhood are the two most common shame triggers for women, working through these feelings and addressing the underlying beliefs is critical. We will celebrate what is working for you and explore those areas that you would like to work a little (or a lot) better.


Focus on your future

As a mum it can be easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and not focus on the future beyond which school your child will go to or even what the next meal will be. The Finding Fabulous coaching model gives you the time and space to really explore your values, life purpose and goals outside of your role as mum. You may find this hard – to separate yourself from your family – and so, as your coach, I allow you a lot of time and space to just explore all the possibilities and create some new awareness. What does “fabulous” mean for you?


Foster self compassion

Mums are caretakers, nurturers and protectors for their families. Unfortunately, this does not always translate to great self-care. We are bombarded with imagery of self-sacrificing mothers and it can be hard to break through these societal pressures to take time for ourselves. This stage addresses the underlying beliefs that are holding you back from doing what you love and what re-energizes you. We will explore what makes your heart sing, your “fabulous”, and then address the logistics of creating time to do it – every day!


Formation of structure

Once you have a clearer picture of what “fabulous” looks like for you, we will co-create a structure to achieve your goals. We will work on creating SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) and address any potential barriers. If you wish, I can act as a weekly accountability partner to help move you into action (and keep you there!).


Flex and flaunt it

By far my favorite part of the process! I love to hear about your successes and the changes in how you are living your life now that you are embracing your “fabulous”. I will encourage you to celebrate every success, always remembering that progress is success. I acknowledge the growth I see in you and I will challenge you to unleash your fabulousness on the world!


Individual Coaching

There is a Finding Fabulous package for everyone, whether you want greater value or flexibility.

All coaching packages are valid for six months from the date of purchase giving you maximum flexibility to schedule your calls when they will be of most use to you.

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